Choose the right Food Waste Disposer for your family

How often do you cook meals at home?


Between take out
and dining out, why bother?


I make meals for my family
throughout the week.


I prepare all of my
meals at home and
frequently entertain.

What types of food waste do you most frequently dispose of?

Light Duty

Pasta, bread, cereals, vegetable peels ?

Medium Duty

Fruits and vegetables. Small fruit pits.

Heavy Duty

Cooked and raw meat. Corn cobs, Beef and chicken bones.

When considering a food waste disposer, which of the following is most important to you?

Grinding performance

Keeping my home quiet

Respecting my budget

Tell us about your home.

My home is on a septic system

New build or have moved in to new home

I am considering a kitchen remodel

Replacement for broken Food Waste Disposer

This model could be a great fit in your kitchen.

These models could be a great fit in your kitchen.